Services performed and provided

  1. Building and reconstruction in Hungary
    We help with small and large scale developments.
  2. We arrange/organize the construction and reconstruction process.
  3. Development of the all architectural and design project phases, supervision and quality control during the project implementation phase.
  4. Even if the client has no possibility to reside or stay in Hungary to monitor the process/progress of construction we can provide construction management and administration that consistently produces good results.
  5. We help you to identify and estimated all costs of the desired decorative and functional characteristic design elements.
  6. Help you to determine the best style selection for your property.
  7. We calculate material and labor cost estimates for your project.
  8. We offer you the latest building design technologies, quality building material choices, and custom architectural designs guided by the professionalism of an experienced Architect and Building Designer with 22 years of experience.
  9. Our team has necessary knowledge and expertise to successfully solve your design or construction goals.