Check below for your readiness to design your property

1.How much time can you devote to design process of your property?
2.How much time daily can you devote to design process of your property?
3.How many versions of your design and it’s implementation are you considering?
4.How detailed can you formulate your ideas( e.g., drawing, drafting ) for use by builders and contractors?
5.In case of doubt can you get from relatives or colleagues professional advise or their professional opinion?
6.What is your understanding of the architectural design process e.g., drawing.drafting) and it’s influence of the final project cost
7.Do you know what is subject to changes in architectural design process and what in principle should remain unchanged?
8.How many channels of communication can you use to transmit information about the project and current changes? (e.g., private chat, phone, online chat, email, correspondence)
9.Will you be able to research hungarian building products?
10.Are you able to produce and submit final construction drawings?